Fusion 21


The Regeneration Rollout Group was originally established in 2008 under the auspices of the “Working Ventures UK Regeneration Project”.

The Rollout Group met three or four time per year and was attended by members of organisations who were developing new ways of helping the long term unemployed by providing training and sustainable employment initially in the construction industry.

The Rollout Group members, who in the main are local authorities and development organisations, share an ambition to expand attendance to other organisations which are pursuing or examining similar projects.

In 2013 Fusion21 supported the group and rebranded it to become MetaRegen with a shared ambition to:-

  1. - Promote and influence, at a national level, policy and best practice for community benefit through the use of Social Clauses in the procurement and planning system
  2. - Integrate the activities of the members to maximise outcomes
  3. - Engage with LAs, LEPs, and other sectors to promote the benefits of the approach
  4. - Support LA’s commissioning agenda for spinning out services
  5. - Commission research into the use of social clauses in the planning system and other public services