Fusion 21
Social Value

Social Value

Members using our Procurement Services ensure that they are fully compliant with the Social Value Act (2012) .The Act requires local authorities and other commissioners of public services to consider how their services can benefit people living in the local community.

We collaborate with local government, social landlords, residents, local agencies, contractors and suppliers to deliver a wide range of social value programmes, skills training courses, commissioned consultancy projects and employment opportunities within local communities.

All Fusion21 members contribute to the creation of social value when they access any of our OJEU compliant Frameworks. As a social enterprise Fusion21 reinvests a proportion of our management fees to generate and support social value initiatives of our members.

Our Community Regeneration team will collaborate with members to deliver social outcomes on their procurement projects and investments. Working nationally, Fusion21 can ensure that social value programmes are delivered within your local community.

Our national network of partners allows us to mobilise quickly in the delivery of social value programmes and projects as well as providing a well established and trusted infrastructure for our local suppliers and service providers .

We monitor the impact of our social value delivery by the use of Regeneration and Local Economic Benefit Plans. These contain clear objectives, set targets and provide detailed progress reports and analysis.  

Our successful track record in tackling social exclusion in disadvantaged areas and creating initiatives to enable growth in communities means we are expertly positioned to offer tailored advice and support for any Community Regeneration project of any scale.