OJEU Guidance & Call Off Processes

OJEU Guidance

Accessing Fusion21 frameworks ensures your organisation is complying public tendering regulations. The Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) is the publication in which all tenders from the public sector (which are valued above a certain financial threshold according to EU legislation) must be published. There is a number of rules and legal obligations which public sector organisations need to undertake.

The current thresholds for OJEU can be found in the Procurement Policy Note 06/19, but for most organisations they can be summarised as:

Services: £189,330

Supplies: £189,330

Works:    £4,733,252

Using a framework will ensure your organisation is fully compliant with EU, UK and Scottish legislation, accessing Fusion21 frameworks will also enable you to avoid the high cost of running your own procurement exercises. Specifically accessing Fusion21 frameworks will also ensure your procurement activity is compliant with the Social Value Act (2012), for more information on the Social Value Act click here.

Through accessing a framework your organisation will be able to call upon procurement expertise, source from a supply chain that is continuously monitored and has undertaken both rigorous cost and quality assessments, avoiding any duplication in the process.

Call Off Processes

There are two ways to award call-offs (individual contracts) under our framework agreements:

Direct Award

When the terms given in the framework agreement are sufficient enough to cover a particular requirement of a client, call-off contracts may be awarded without reopening competition.


Mini-Competition or Further-Competition can take place between all suppliers/contractors appointed on the framework (and lot) who are able to meet your particular need. In conducting a Mini-Competition the basic terms of the framework cannot be renegotiated.

Conducting a Mini-Competition will enable the right supplier/contractor to be appointed to reflect the particular circumstances and needs of a client. This route to call off is often the best way of ensuring you gain best value and generate the highest possible efficiencies for a contract.

The mini competition process involves an individual project plan and takes between 4-8 weeks to implement. The process for the mini completion involves:

  • Scoping project
  • Provide TUPE template if required
  • Seek expressions of interest
  • Write performance specification and tender documents
  • Coordinate interviews/site visits as required
  • Evaluate tender submissions in conjunction with registered providers & residents
  • Post tender report & recommendations
  • Inform unsuccessful/successful contractors
  • Compile tender file including preparation of contract document for signing

For more information about how you can access of frameworks please contact us.