Fusion 21


Fusion21 is a national organisation that works with members across the country. We work with public sector organisations looking to take advantage of our unique procurement frameworks and services to generate cashable and non cashable efficiencies.

Membership to Fusion21 is free of charge, in accordance with our terms of membership, and enables members to take advantage of our procurement frameworks and many other services.

Unlike other consortia we do not operate for commercial gain of stakeholders,we do not charge annual fees nor have any joining costs.

Any profits are placed within our Foundation that every member who works with us can benefit from. 

Our procurement services are delivered by a team of experienced chartered surveyors and procurement specialists. Fusion21 provides fully managed procurement services for asset management and property. 

Once you become a member of Fusion21 organisations have the opportunity to become involved in a number of our focus and advisory groups aimed at driving continuous improvement. Our members can also be involved in our future framework development work.


 Why should your organisation join us?

Unlike other consortia, membership of Fusion21 is free of charge. Any public sector organisation can join us to take advantage of our Procurement Frameworks, Supply Chains and Services.
What are the benefits of using our frameworks?

Fusion21 operate Open and EU Compliant Frameworks in accordance with the EU Procurement Directives (OJEU). Any public sector organisation can use our frameworks, there are no minimum stock, expenditure or membership fees.

How can we create Social Value by accessing Fusion21 frameworks?

Every pound invested by members through Fusion21 frameworks contributes towards social value. As a social enterprise all our profits are reinvested back into our members.

Our Community Regeneration team work with our members and supply chain to create jobs and deliver a wide range of community projects. Furthermore our supply chain contractually commit to creating jobs through our frameworks when they are appointed.

Most importantly all Fusion21 frameworks are fully compliant with the Social Value Act 2012.

How do you generate efficiencies?

Typically Fusion21 frameworks can save our members significant efficiency savings on market prices in addition to indirect savings related to procurement processes. Frameworks enable us to collaboratively procure goods and services on behalf of our members, meaning together we are able to secure better deals.

Unlike other consortia our dedicated procurement team includes project specialists who provide our members with as much contractual support as required.

Do you offer flexible and sustainable product solutions?

Our frameworks are available to meet your requirements, we can provide consultancy,supply only, install and supply or install only services to our members.

What is In>Form?

In>Form is our online e Procurement system, developed to support our members, designed to provide both transparency and cost control during every stage of the project management process.

Do you support local SME organisations?

As a social enterprise we are committed to working with likeminded organisations. Many of our supply chain partners working across our frameworks are local SME organisations who are helping to sustain local and regional economies.