High Rise Refurbishment

High rise housing is a familiar feature of the urban landscape, offering great potential to provide sustainable homes for residents with
low environmental impact.

Tower blocks are well suited to the needs of both young and old people who do not need family accommodation. These groups are
growing in number, so refurbishment is vital in bringing existing, underused / underinvested housing stock back into full use.This framework agreement for residential High Rise Refurbishment covers any works related to multi-story blocks, and associated environmental works, including:

External Elevation Improvements
• New Insulated render systems
• External façade repairs
• External overcladding
• Installation of windows
• Replacement communal entrance doors and screens
• New roof covering and associated details, fixtures and fittings.

External Area Improvements
• Improved design to promote safety and security
• Demolition of garages and ancillary buildings
• Soft landscaping works
• Hard standings and car parking provision
• Improved lighting
• Improved CCTV coverage
• Improved boundary treatments.

Communal Area Improvements
• Remodelling of the communal facilities and provision of new
• New floor, wall and ceiling finishes
• Renewal of communal doors and ironmongery
• CCTV works
• Communal lighting works
• Fire detection systems
• DDA and FRA works
• Building services works.

Improvements to Individual Properties
• Kitchens and bathroom upgrades
• Remodelling of flats
• Heating works
• Fire sprinkler works
• Provision of internet access
• New communal TV aerial systems.

Energy Efficiency Improvements

Works to improve energy performance with an emphasis on reducing residents’ bills and
improving comfort levels. This could include alternative systems to improve efficiency; Funding options for ECO or other grant funding.
Structural Works Structural and / or civil engineering works to the buildings internally or externally and the site.

The framework covers the supply and installation of materials and the framework is available for either direct call-off or call-off after a mini competition between the appointed contractors. With no specified lots, the flexibility of this framework presents the opportunity to ensure High Rise residents feel a strong sense of community and to take an integrated approach to managing stock.

All appointed Contractors to this framework have an excellent record of experience working on High Rise properties.


  • HT Forrest Ltd
  • Henry Boot Construction Ltd
  • Keepmoat Regeneration Ltd
  • Bullock Construction Ltd
  • Seddon Construction Ltd
  • Lawtech Ltd
  • P Casey & Co Ltd