Fusion 21


Educational institutions across the public sector - particularly universities – remain under huge pressure to make savings, and demonstrate value for money whilst increasing service quality.

Fusion21 provides procurement services to the education sector, enabling organisations to procure collaboratively through a framework. Adopting a more streamlined approach means education providers can take advantage of efficiency savings achieved through economies of scale.

Fusion21 uses the collective spending power of our members to drive down costs from our suppliers. This enables  us to  generate savings – in terms of cost, time and resource – that couldn’t be achieved by organisations procuring independently.

Educational organisations are eligible to use any of our comprehensive frameworks including:  

  • Facilities Management;
  • Consultancy;
  • Lifts;
  • Ground Works;
  • Compliance Services;
  • Educational Refurbishment (coming soon).

For more information about our procurement frameworks please visit our Framework Index.

Generate Social Impact

Social procurement is something that universities across the country are consciously pursuing. Fusion21 frameworks ensure compliance with the Public Service (Social Value) Act 2012.

We integrate social value within our procurement processes to ensure all our frameworks are compliant with the act, and more importantly benefit from a diverse range of suppliers which include SME’s and social enterprises.

Collaborating with Fusion21 generates social value outcomes aligned to your organisation’s goals and strategy.

 For more information on our procurement frameworks for the education sector please contact us.