Fusion 21
Local Authorities

Local Authorities

Local authorities are under increasing pressure to generate cashable efficiencies who looking to find 28% savings in 2016/17. Well-planned procurement can help deliver a proportion of this savings target.

Fusion21’s procurement frameworks support local authorities to: increase productivity in the procurement process, generate cashable savings and obtain best value. Savings can be achieved through collaboration, driving value and working with efficient suppliers.

Local authorities are eligible to use any of ourcomprehensive frameworks,including:

  • Facilities Management;
  • Consultancy;
  • Lifts;
  • Ground Works;
  • Compliance Services;
  • Materials;
  • Retrofit;
  • Planned Maintenance.

For more information about our procurement frameworks please visit our Framework Index.

The pressing need to find savings means many councils are exploring new ways of commissioning and delivering services.

Fusion21 frameworks enables councils to commission services that reaps the rewards of collaborative procurement – spreading risk and benefiting from economies of scale gained through a framework.

Our technical experts can also support councils with ongoing contract management, to ensure they maximise both the opportunities, and the potential savings these bring.

For more information on our local authority procurement services please contact us.