In 2014 a Group structure was implemented to our business ensuring that we continue to focus on our core purpose, as a social enterprise, of delivering efficiencies and creating social impact.

This resulted in the creation of a Fusion21 Foundation whose primary purpose is to manage the social investment activities for the Group.

The Board of Fusion21 Ltd created the Fusion21 Foundation, as the parent company, to protect and secure the social purpose of Fusion21 Ltd and to act as the charitable arm of the Fusion21 brand. The Foundation is integrated into the Fusion21 Group structure as follows:-

Fusion21 Foundation – Charitable body; sole member and parent company of Fusion21 Ltd. Charity number: 1164818

Fusion21 Ltd – A trading Social Enterprise. Company Limited by Guarantee (without share capital) registered in England & Wales. Company No: 5090266

Fusion21 Members Consortium – An unincorporated membership organisation for public bodies seeking efficiencies in procurement; linked to the creation of social value

The establishment of the Fusion21 Foundation will enable us to generate more social value through our activities that will further benefit our members and the communities they operate in.