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Drive Social Value through the Planning System with Support from Fusion21

Fusion21 has the skills, knowledge and expertise to drive social value through the planning and procurement system, and we do this through our Construction Futures initiative.

The scheme supports local authorities, developers and contractors, to implement target requirements and deliver training and employment opportunities.

Daventry District Council selected Construction Futures to help meet apprenticeship and training targets on the 1000 unit Monksmoor Park housing development in Daventry, Northampton.

In conjunction with site developer Crest Nicholson, Construction Futures is ensuring that target outcomes are being delivered - by creating and driving opportunities on the development.

This has included kick-starting the careers of local apprentices 20-year-old Monty Purcell and 17-year-old Sam Barrett. Both Sam and Monty are working on the new-build development site which will offer a collection of 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom family homes. Here's what Monty and Sam had to say about their experiences:

Q1: Can you tell us a bit about your apprenticeship, and why this opportunity is important to you?

Monty: I'm now in the final year of my carpentry apprenticeship, which I'm studying at Moulton College and I absolutely love it. Working on a high-quality live site has played a huge part in my development, and I have learnt something different every day. My skill-set is worlds apart from when I first started out, I even won Crest Nicholson's "Apprentice of the Year 2015-2016" within my region.

Sam: I've just started my plumbing apprenticeship so I'm incredibly fortunate to have been given on-site experience on such a large construction site which is being built in five phases. I'll be able to apply all my learning to theoretical side of my college work and vice versa.

Q2: Can you describe your typical day?

Monty: Each day is totally different I can be doing anything from laying floors to working with walls and doors to fitting kitchen units. I have even recently made a bench for a customer to go in their new back garden.

Sam: Right now I'm getting a taster of the plumbing trade, and closely watching my team as well as helping them out. I'm already starting to get a better understanding of my college work, thanks to seeing it first hand on site. I have even been provided with an initial toolkit and tool allowance.

Q3: Why did you want to learn this trade and work in the construction industry?

Monty: I've always been interested in a hands-on trade since studying woodwork and resistant materials at school. I really enjoy the camaraderie out on site, and prefer working outdoors (in any weathers!)

Sam: My dad was a plumber when I was younger I used to watch him at work and I thought that's something I would be good at one day. I want to make him proud and it's obviously a huge bonus to be getting paid too.

Q4: Being local lads, how important is it for you to gain experience close to home?

Monty: It's fantastic for me to live so locally to this site, I walk to work every day. It's really exciting to be working on a housing development based so close to home and to know that someone is going to move into a property that I have helped to transform into a home.

Sam: I keep thinking maybe I will live on this development one day! I only have a 20 minute walk to site so it couldn't be more convenient.

Q5: What are your future career ambitions?

Monty: Once I've finished my apprenticeship, there are a few options open to me. I could find a full time role as a carpenter and work as a sub-contractor. There's also the opportunity for me to further my skills and training through the Crest Nicholson Site Management Academy a programme which develops current Crest Nicholson employees into the site managers of the future. My confidence has really grown and I am excited to see what my next step will be.

Sam: As I'm at the start of my apprenticeship my current goal is to focus on learning the plumbing trade and excelling here and at college. It's already an achievement to be learning my skills on such a complex construction site I know I'm really fortunate.

Chris Cox, Project Manager for Crest Nicholson on the Monksmoor Park development added:
Monty has been excelling working on an extremely busy construction site and although Sam is just at the start of his journey, he is working hard to learn the ropes and develop his skills.

As a business we are committed to developing talent, and an apprenticeship is an excellent way to learn whilst building relationships with professionals in your chosen trade.

With support from Construction Futures, we are investing in talented individuals, and can confidently ensure we meet agreed employment and training requirements. The scheme also monitors and provides us with progress reports for the apprentices involved, and has reinforced the benefits of employing locally contributing to boosting the local economy in the long-term.

To find out more and how you can drive social value through the planning and procurement system click here to review our materials - for both public and private sector businesses.