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ENEHL Procures Gas Contract for 14,000 Properties

David Turner, Acting Head of Business Development and Improvement at ENEL talks about their experience of using the framework;

Why did you choose to use the Fusion21 Framework?

Our pervious arrangement with two large contractors naturally expired, as a result of this we had to begin a tendering exercise.

We looked at a number of options to procure our Gas contract and also compared what was to be the Alliance framework with options from other procurement agencies.

We began talks with Fusion21 in 2011 and were able to get involved in the framework renewal process from the very beginning, from product meetings to meet the buyer events held in Leeds, where were able to understand very early on to benefits of working with a procurement organisation.

Leeds City Council who oversee the four ALMO’s based in Leed’s, had to approve our decision to work with Fusion21, once this was done and the clear benefits outlined we decided to call off on the framework.

What are the advantages of the framework?

This framework provides breadth of service, the highest quality specialist contractors and superb value for money; in addition to generating social value, an agenda that is increasingly important to our organisation following the announcement of the Public Services Act this year. Generating efficiencies for ENEL is also very important and we have made a saving of £408,000 compared to our last contract.

What do you think about the services you have received via the framework?

The procurement of gas maintenance is a strategic commodity for our organisation, whilst price is very important it is also essential we appoint a contractor who can provide us with specialist services and quality.

We appointed our contractor through a competitive mini competition process via the framework. What’s good to see is that our appointed contractor are specialists in what they do, this is definitely a clear advantage, additionally it was clear that they were keen to win our business and the smaller size of the organisation means we are able to deal with the right people within the organisation when we need to.

What do you think of the services provided by Fusion21?

We are very pleased with the services. We have been dealing with Fusion21 in regards to our contract management and feel they provide an excellent service. With dedicated members of staff looking after the framework who are also Gas Engineers we are assured we ask for specific advice in regards to our day to day contract management if needed.

Would you consider using Fusion21 for further services?

We are extremely pleased with the result of procuring our Gas Contract via the Fusion21 Heating Systems framework. This was the first time ENEL had used any of the Fusion21 frameworks.

As a result of our experience we are already considering what other services and frameworks we can procure from Fusion21.