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Fusion21 Foundation funding gives ex-serviceman fresh start

Following a donation of £10,000 from the Fusion21 Foundation to charity Real Change Wigan & Leigh, we are enabling rough sleepers to build independent lives away from the streets.

Meet Sean

Having lost his accommodation whilst managing to hold down his job, he spent time hopping between friend’s sofas or the Bed Every Night emergency shelter in Wigan. Not knowing where he would be able to stay each night, carrying his stuff around with him and sometimes being unable to take a shower or wash his kit, it was all putting his job at risk and leaving him no time to find a place of his own. What’s more, grabbing food on the go, travelling from place to place, and contributing whatever he could to the people who were kindly putting him up was drawing on all Sean’s wages so he wasn’t able to save up.

It finally became too much when winter started to kick in, and Sean was referred to the Wigan Council Housing Options advice team. First of all, they looked to get him some ID so he could complete the application forms for private rented accommodation. The Brick applied to Real Change for the £30 to do this, while the Housing Options team helped him look for suitable places to live and advised how to pay for the deposit.

Because Sean was an ex-serviceman, he was able to apply to national organisations the Royal British Legion and Poppy Factory. Grants from these organisations along with what money he could pull together got him just £80 off the deposit and up-front rent required. With everything else in place and Sean ready to move in, another application was put in to Real Change Wigan & Leigh for the final bit of cash. The application was approved, and Sean was able to move into his own place, keep his job, and get on with his life.

Sean was surviving on his own for a long time before he sought out help. Together, Real Change, the Night Shelter, Housing Options and all the other projects were able to end his homelessness outright and draw in extra resources from outside in doing so. That’s what it takes to create ‘real change’ on homelessness, but as Sean’s story shows it is possible with your help.

Thanks to Fusion21 Foundation funding, ex -serviceman Sean was able to get a fresh start.