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Fusion21 Foundation funding provides family with housing support

Ensuring we continue to create social impact in the communities we work in, The Fusion21 Foundation has donated £10,000 to Real Change Wigan and Leigh.

The Real Change fund supports people who are homeless by paying for items they need, with things like a deposit for a home, enrolment on a training course or buying new clothes for a job interview.

Meet Janine and Charlie

Janine’s son Charlie was only 1 years old when he was diagnosed with liver cancer. Over the next year, she spent more time sleeping at the hospital caring for him than she did in the home where they lived together. In fact, it was empty so much that it started to be targeted for burglary and vandalism, falling into disrepair. As a result, Janine lost the tenancy – but that was the last thing on her mind.

Fortunately the treatment was successful and Charlie was ready to be released from hospital. A new home was offered, but at basic standards so there would be no carpets, curtains or blinds. After everything they’d been through, Janine didn’t want to take her young child back to an empty, barren home. She wanted to give him a stable environment where they could be comfortable and healthy. With all the treatment he’s received, Charlie’s immune system is also still recovering, and she wanted to ensure he’d be warm, clean and able to sleep to build his strength back up.

As well as being offered a house, Janine was referred to Wigan Wellbeing & Resilience service for additional support. They identified the items that would help Janine and Charlie build a home for themselves, and put an application in to Real Change to cover the cost. These were installed and after an extremely difficult year, Janine and Charlie don’t just have a house: they have a home.


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