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Fusion21 Foundation Funding Supports New Businesses

Ensuring we continue to deliver long lasting social change in the communities we work in, The Fusion21 Foundation has given a £30,000 grant to Dream High which is also supported by One Ark.

Dream High is a unique ‘business community’ based organisation, which aims to harness the skills, knowledge and goodwill of business volunteers to support individuals to become self-sufficient and build self-worth, through self-employment and business start-up working across Liverpool City Region.

It helps people get into and stay in business through 1-2-1 support, peer networking opportunities and the support of a voluntary Panel, which helps find solutions to problems people are experiencing as they start and grow their businesses.

Meet Hannah

Hannah is a portrait Artist who has a fresh modern style of portraiture, with her Afro Caribbean slant.

Dream High helped Hannah to research the market for her work, identify her target market and define her business model.  They also worked with her to write her business plan and financials, access additional support & start-up funding and also help to grow her contacts and network.

Hannah successfully launched with an exhibition of a selection of her work at the Gallery in Liverpool and now has an on-line presence. She is currently networking and actively seeking commissions by selling her own original works and is looking at limited edition prints.

She is also speaking to several art galleries and retail outlets with a view to selling limited edition prints and to interior designers for commissions.

Meet Mike

Performer/entertainer Mike Baugh, took a slightly different road when he came up with the idea for Liverpool Coffee Ltd.  He spent 2 years researching, refining, and finding the perfect coffee blend and developing appropriate branding.  After a soft launch in 2019 he was soon in talks with a number of potential investors. However, he still needed support with developing his business model, pulling together his business plan and considering his options.   

Dream High helped Mike consider different business models and pull together a business plan and financial projections.  Panel members offered help with evaluating several investment opportunities and encouraged Mike to gain a Trademark. Through business coaching they supported Mike when his confidence dipped, helping him to understand the impact of different financial models and to consider how he would market and drive the brand forward. 

Liverpool Coffee Ltd will be looking at a re-launch in the coming months once investment terms and conditions are agreed and the potential of moving roasting inhouse is explored further.