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Modern slavery victims start new life thanks to Fusion21 Foundation funding

Following the £10,000 donation made from the Fusion21 Foundation to charity Real Change Wigan & Leigh, we’re supporting rough sleepers to change their lives for the better, securing accommodation and building independent lives away from the streets.

Meet Jonny and Sara

Jonny and Sara applied to Real Change at the end of a long and difficult journey for them. It was just before Christmas, and they had been staying at the Homeless Hub, which is run by Real Change partner organisation The Brick. Before that they had been staying at the Bed Every Night shelter at St George’s, having been victims of modern slavery in the UK and abroad.

Jonny and Sara were determined to stay together.Due to immigration restrictions, Sara was prevented from claiming benefits and they were living off Jonny’s income alone. Although grateful for a roof over their heads, what they really wanted was somewhere to start a new life together. Working with the support workers at The Brick, they had identified a property and were ready to move in – with one major hurdle.

Neither Jonny nor Sara were able to provide ID to pass the landlord checks and they could not afford to pay to obtain identification. They had not been able to get all their papers and documents together when escaping their previous situation.

Fortunately, The Brick were able to make an application to Real Change to cover the small cost and unlock this final step. The ID card Jonny needed arrived within days, and he and Sara moved into their new place. Several weeks later, they are building their new lives and enjoying a happy healthy lifestyle in their own permanent accommodation. They are away from the busy night shelters and feeling positive about their future.

By making it easier to give through Just Giving the campaign harnesses the generosity of business, other organisations and the public.

If you would like to get involved in this project, either by donating, volunteering or sharing your skills then please click here.