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Retired Police Officer Kevin Scales New Heights

When policeman Kevin Barry retired from walking the beat, little did he know the new career ladder that would present itself.

At 55, gaining new employment wasn’t going to be easy and he turned to Fusion21 for advice. “I was in a cocoon with the police service and felt I had a lot more to offer an employer. I liked dealing with people and had skills such as conflict resolution from my police days. I saw Fusion21’s website and they referred me to their employment agency- Beyond Recruitment. I was then invited in to meet Paula Glassey at Beyond Recruitment,” says Kevin.

Beyond Recruitment Manager Paula maintains a network of relationships with the Fusion21 supply chain and can support suppliers in finding and recruiting employees.

Lacy Roofing, based in Liverpool, is one of these companies and had a position for a Tenant Liaison Officer which Paula suggested Kevin should apply for.

 Kevin adds:”It seemed right up my street, working with tenants and advising them on the roofing work that needed doing to their properties. It went really well and things grew from there.

“After twelve months I started taking on additional duties such as health and safety responsibilities, data protection, training, fundraising and was appointed Business Services Manager.  I had more control and influence which was great as it came as the company was changing at the top level. It was a vote of confidence in me and it just made me work harder.

“I never stop, if I’m not under pressure I don’t operate, that’s just the way I Am.”” says Kevin.

It wasn’t long before Kevin’s talents were acknowledged again and he was made Operations Manager at the company, making him responsible for 40 staff and bringing him back into contact with Fusion21.

“It’s ironic to have been helped into employment by Fusion21 and now I am working with them on Key Performance Indicators for projects Lacy have won through being on the Fusion21 roofing framework. This involves collating information such as customer satisfaction levels, budgets, schedules and quality data.  I’m so grateful to Fusion21 for assisting me and it is feels good to carry the spirit on, as I now help others into employment with the projects we work on jointly to deliver sustainable jobs and social value.”

Kevin has been busy in 2015, getting seven people (roofers and labourers) into employment for clients such as Magenta Living, and liaising with Beyond Recruitment on such appointments. “It means I still get to speak to Paula which is good news as Beyond Recruitment really understands the social value impact of getting people into jobs and understands the social housing marketplace inside out.”

Shaun Martin, Commercial Director at Lacy Roofing, is aware of the importance of partnerships.

As he started out as an apprentice with the company, through the Fusion21 social value scheme.

He comments:  “Kevin has brought in extra structure to the business and has been a great appointment. He has made sure our investment in our staff has enhanced our market offer and his knowledge is vast in terms of being on site and what our staff are delivering in the field.”                                                                                                              

Paula Glassey, Beyond Recruitment Manager summaries, “Partnerships are vital with our supply chain and Beyond Recruitment are perfectly placed to work with companies on providing advice and guidance for their recruitment needs. We look forward to continuing our working relationship with Lacy Roofing. It’s great to see Kevin doing so well.”