Symphony Housing Group Lift Project

Symphony Housing Group called off from the Fusion21 passenger lifts framework in March 2012 after awarding a contract for the refurbishment of three passenger lifts to Knowlsey Lifts Ltd.

The Group approached Fusion21 to help them benchmark their budgeted refurbishment costs against those achievable through the passenger lifts framework.

Following a mini-tender exercise, which included the Groups incumbent supplier, cashable savings of over £52k were identified compared to previous works. The savings made by the Group on this contract have meant that they will able to undertake refurbishment works on an additional passenger lift originally budgeted for next year.

Steve Everitt, Group Procurement Manager at Symphony Housing Group commented, “It was important that we could show that the Fusion21 framework delivered value for money to our customers and believe this was clearly demonstrated by being able to upgrade an additional lift with the savings generated through this exercise”