Public Sector

Public Sector

We have developed an innovative way for public sector organisations to create construction apprenticeships and training placements.

If you’re a planning authority or if you ever procure capital works, Construction Futures can help you to kick-start the careers of local people - by providing a series of integrated systems, processes and procedures.

Construction Futures can help you to:

• Meet your corporate objectives for employment, training and education;

• Ensure communities and local businesses directly benefit from new developments;

• Access accredited training for young people and the unemployed;

• Tackle inequalities within the sector;

• Address the problem of supply and demand by providing a toolkit that is flexible and scalable to meet your needs;

• Deliver a fully integrated end to end service.


"Daventry District Council has built a strong partnership with Construction Futures over many years, working together to provide opportunities for young people to gain experience on some of the District’s key development projects We recommend Construction Futures as an initiative that assists developers when producing plans to provide construction training, apprenticeships, and educational opportunities."

Gary Underhill, Daventry District Council

Construction and Development Manager