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Delivering Social Value In Public Services

In partnership with ResPublica, Fusion21 hosted a half day event that explored the challenges currently facedby social enterprises, localcharities and civic organisations in bidding for public services and new opportunities for partnership between civic organisations, local authorities, private businesses and the wider community.

The event was attended by key people in the sector inclusing Chris White MP, founder of the Social Value Bill and Jon Trickett MP, Shadow Minster for the Cabinet Office

The day offered a forum to discuss how the Coalition’s proposals for public service reform engender huge opportunities for the stimulation of socialgrowth’, and how we can now shape truly transformative services and deliver a more localised social economy. 

Whilst cost efficiency is to a certain extent necessary for the improvement of public services, it is their social value that must be recognised and appreciated within the commissioning process. Delivering additional social benefits reaches beyond narrow targets, boosting communities’ and service users’ resilience and generating ssociational models of support.