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Nonprofits & Social Enterprises as Job Creators

Fusion21 are co-sponsoring a fringe session as a part of the Welfare to Work Conference taking place in July.

Join us for an exciting UK-US discussion on organisations working in and partnering with communities to improve employment outcomes and social impact.  Social enterprises and non-profits are businesses that contribute to income-generation in local their economies.  They’re also major employers: many purposefully carve out work opportunities for disadvantaged groups, offer transitional employment for those re-entering the labour market, and design the jobs that build a better community.

What’s often overlooked is the growing economic prowess of the sector: the UK’s 62,000 social enterprises contribute £22bn to the economy. The continued growth of the sector can bring necessary change to our economic and political systems, to the way we prioritise labour market decisions, and to how we finance the delivery of services.