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Triodos New Horizons Programme in partnership with Fusion21

New Horizons is a forward thinking Mersey-wide project, working with local unemployed young people who are interested in connecting to with local employers. The young people we are working with have chosen to work with Greater Merseyside Connexions and Fusion21 to increase their confidence, skills and employability levels to prospective Employers.

Fusion21 are engaging with young people who are most disadvantaged, we are working with these groups to help reduce youth unemployment and help with the reducing reoffending agenda in local communities.

We are working to ensure those who are most disadvantaged can realise their potential, increase their confidence and aspiration levels and have access to quality jobs and work tasters. Having ‘real’ employer contact, in any capacity will have an impact on their lives, helping them to develop new skills, and appreciate their unique talents.

Employers have said that the gap between education and the reality of work is too big, leaving young people with unrealistic expectations and lacking the soft skills needed to be employed. In order to ensure that young people who would like to connect with local employers have the chance to do so, we need local employers to get involved to bring about mutual benefits.

If you would like to learn more about the programme, or share your job vacancies and apprenticeship opportunities with Fusion21 to support young people please get in touch.