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Fusion21 announced new owner of ground-breaking training scheme

Construction Futures, the pioneering apprenticeships scheme, is now under new ownership.  The Northamptonshire–based initiative has been transferred to leading social enterprise Fusion21, helping it to expand across the UK.

Launched in 2009 by West Northamptonshire Development Corporation (WNDC), Construction Futures was a UK first. The award winning scheme uses the planning and procurement system to secure jobs and training on construction sites.  It has been highly successful in the East Midlands, delivering over 3,000 weeks of training across more than 20 construction sites.  

Dave Neilson, Chief Executive from Fusion21 said: “We are delighted that Construction Futures has been successfully transferred to Fusion21. We are committed to supporting the opportunities that have been created by WNDC so far whilst supporting Construction Futures in its growth in future years. Community Regeneration is a key focus of our business and we will be continuing to work with our partners to  generate apprenticeship, training and job opportunities.”

Roger Mendonca, WNDC’s Chief Operating Officer said: “Over the past 4 years, Construction Futures has emerged as both a social and a commercial success story. We believe as many people as possible should benefit from the training and job opportunities it creates. With its national reach and proven track record, Fusion21 is ideally placed to make that happen and ensure Construction Futures continues to grow”

WNDC was established in 2004 to lead the growth and regeneration of West Northamptonshire. On 31 March 2014 the specialist Government body will close down, having completed its 10 year delivery plan.  

Following a competitive process, WNDC invited Fusion21 to assume the ownership and operation of Construction Futures. Under its guidance, Construction Futures will continue to thrive locally, while expanding across the rest of the country.