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Magnet Creates First Supercentre for Our Members

In April last year Magnet won a place on the Fusion21 supply chain for the first time. The kitchen company have since won two contracts with founder members, Your Housing Group and the Plus Dane Group.

The opening of the first depot designated to public sector contracts has enabled Magnet to cater to high volume contracts of Fusion21 members and ensure they have the right goods in stock for contractors also working on the projects.

Winning the work through Fusion21 has enabled Magnet to create six jobs for local residents who are now working in the depot.

Roger Farrell, Regional Sales Manager, Magnet said, “We have over 200 smaller trade warehouses across the country that supply to the private sector. The service and products we are able to offer to social landlords and their residents through the Fusion21 framework are exactly the same.”

He added, “Our brand carry’s a perception of higher costs than other public sector kitchen suppliers; however this isn’t true and we can compete with traditional public sector kitchen providers on quality, service and price.”

The supercentre has been created in Liverpool through the partnership with Fusion21 is a first for Magnet, who are already looking to replicate similar ventures across the country for Fusion21 members nationwide.

Jan Agger , Director of Social Strategy, Fusion21 added, “Locality of our supply chain bases is crucial, particularly when supplying for large volume contracts of our members. Local centres such as this enable us to deliver to plot specific contracts; the central location of the depot also makes it easier for contactors installing the kitchens. Saving valuable time and creating efficiencies on our member’s sites.”

She added, “We know that residents are really receptive to Magnet products during supplier days as it’s an everyday brand that they can relate to. Incentives such as the tenant discount they offer to residents who want extra units in their homes are also a fantastic way to deliver added value to our members and their residents. Fusion21 are delighted that through their appointment to our supply chain Magnet have been able to create 6 jobs for local residents.”