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Reaching out to help Helena Home's tenants into employment

Fusion21 assisted Helena Homes to help their tenants find work by attending a Construction information day on Friday 10thOctober.

Held at the housing association’s town centre office, the event focused on the construction industry, and included firms such as Caribou, Starfish, Clan, SERS, Lockwoods, Caseys and Sticx, along with St Helens Chamber, St Helens College and Fusion21.

Roy Williams, Neighbourhood Employment Coordinator at Helena, said: “Unemployment can really knock a person’s confidence so we work with partners to build it back up. Events such as this are all about providing tenants with opportunities and helping them onto new employment and training pathways.”

Nancy Sutton, Shared Apprenticeship Programme Coordinator for Fusion21, said "It was a great turnout by local residents and we are looking forward to working with a number of them to help find the right employment and training opportunities."

The event aimed to provide people with information about working in construction, whilst also allowing them to try their hand at different skills before pursuing training or employment in the area. Tenants complete forms at the Fusion21 table above.