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Framework fills the void for Housing Associations

Fusion21 are proud to launch their renewed Void Security & Management Framework.   

With over 1.8 million families on waiting lists for homes in the UK, according to the National Housing Federation, it is essential that void properties are
maintained and brought back to the market as soon as possible.

The framework consists of three lots covering Void Security & Associated Works, Clearance Works (including grounds maintenance) and Minor Repairs (covering refurbishment and decoration works / vouchers).   

Keith Douglas, Framework Manager (Delivery), said: “We can help minimise turnaround time to reduce rent loss and ensure effective use is made of housing stock. That can be a large volume or deliver a tailored service for smaller associations.”

Over 40 supply partners feature on the framework, enabling clients to test the market and seek value for money (VFM). It can be accessed for void works across the UK.

Keith adds: “No other UK framework carries three national contractors so for clients around the country they can test, via a mini competition, the most suitable package for them that meets their VFM agenda. Direct call off is also available.” 

Those accessing the Voids Management framework will also be entering the spirit of the Public Service (Social Value) Act as Fusion21 is a dedicated social enterprise, ploughing all of its profits back into the communities of its members.

“We have SMEs on the framework in regions which can provide a real local service and keep neighbourhood economies healthy,” adds Keith.