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Fusion21 Award Contractors to its National Retrofit Framework

Successful contractors have been appointed to the Fusion21 Retrofit Framework. The national framework adopts a whole house approach to Retrofit and consists of 15 Lots in total.

A total of 68 contractors have been awarded to the framework, with a mix of national contractors, SME’s and social enterprises successfully securing places on the framework.

Through the framework the contractors can offer a supply and installation arrangement.

The framework that will supply services to public sector organisations across the country is worth £200 Million over a four year period.

The framework includes the ability to undertake works to both domestic and commercial buildings.

Lots within the framework include Total Retrofit, Heat Pumps, Wind Turbines, Wall Insulation, Cladding and Biomass.

Fusion21 created the new framework as a direct response to demand from its members and in partnership with the Fusion21 advisory group.

John Farley, Framework Manager at Fusion21, said “We wanted to ensure the framework was developed with the detail our members required. Our final product is a flexible framework whereby our members can undertake a whole house approach to retrofit works.”

He added, “Those accessing the framework now have the ability to undertake multiple Lots, singular Lots, commission for commercial projects and work with local SME’s. We have worked closely with the supply chain to ensure we are able to continually achieve innovation and efficiencies on behalf of our members.”

Contractors appointed to the Framework include, Eon Energy Solutions, Bell Group UK, The Caribou Green Warmth LLP, Rothwell Plumbing Services Ltd,  Wilmott Dixon, Lawtech Ltd and Volkerlaser Ltd.

This framework seeks to improve on the previous Retrofit Frameworks Fusion21 offered to members that saw a total of £40 million of investment over a four year period.

John Farley adds, “In collaboration with our members and in relation to changes to the market, we have designed and produced a leading framework that will be desirable and relevant to the public sector.”