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Fusion21 backs event encouraging women to vote

Blackburne House, one of the leading centres for women’s enterprise and education, hosted a Women’s Question Time ahead of the upcoming general election, thanks to Fusion21. See the exclusive video below capturing interviews and footage of the event.

A panel including political and business representatives met at Blackburne House on Thursday 23rd April to answer questions from more than one hundred guests on the things that may affect women’s decisions on voting. This included many women from our members communities to discuss issues around housing, bedroom tax, etc.

The panel included former Labour MP Hazel Blears; young person’s advocate Emma Hulme of  4Wings CIC; Police Commissioner Jane Kennedy; Linda Loy, associate at the College of Policing; Baroness Walmsley, Liberal Democrat Peer; and Kate Willard, corporate affairs director at Stobart Group; and was chaired by Liz Cross, managing director at The Connectives and chair of Blackburne House Group (all pictured).

The event was kindly sponsored by us, PwC and SEUK. Organisers said the debate will generate more female support for the election after it was reported that around 9 million women did not vote at the last election.

CEO at Blackburne House, Claire Dove, said: “As the General Election looms, we are acutely aware that women are less likely to participate in the voting process. We therefore felt it important to lead a discussion to ensure that women’s voices are heard and that they understand the value of being part of the democratic process.

“We want women to be inspired to vote and hope that this will go some way towards ensuring more inclusivity of votes locally and perhaps more widely; and make women’s education a priority for parliamentarians.”

James Flannery, Director of Community Regeneration at Fusion21, said: " We need to get communities engaged and empowered in the political process as that helps give commmunities a voice and makes them stronger."