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Social Value partnership changes lives

A pioneering partnership between Fusion21 and South Liverpool Homes has generated positive results on both individuals and communities.

The social enterprise and registered social landlord invested in two programmes for 20 women at the Blackburne House training facility in Liverpool.

The “Headstrong” and “Inspire” programmes are designed for a wide spectrum of women from different ethnic backgrounds and ages. They aim to ensure that women are able to respond, cope and move on with the strategies they are taught. This leads to ongoing coping mechanisms for improved sense of self-esteem, confidence and acknowledgment of current behaviour.

The Headstrong and Inspire programmes teach women practical techniques to be introduced into their daily lives. 

These techniques then help to build and maintain resilience and strength. Three case studies are available which highlights the dramatic impact the courses have made:

Read how Fran has a happier future ahead

Read how Lucy has been inspired to return to work

Read how Caitlin is changing perceptions of single mums in her community