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Construction Skills Success for HMP Liverpool Inmates

The latest cohort to complete Fusion21’s Construction Academy course in HMP Liverpool have graduated – after spending 12 weeks undertaking a practical course to gain a Level 1 Diploma in Construction Skills.

Teaching the basics of hands-on trades including plumbing, bricklaying, tiling, plastering, joinery, and painting and decorating – the course saw inmates attend workshops five days a week.

The Construction Academy – delivered in partnership with Manchester College and The Prison Service – aims to facilitate rehabilitation through learning; upskilling participants to improve their chances of securing employment upon release.

Daniel, from Liverpool is one of the inmates who completed this course, and has since been released from prison after serving a three and half month sentence – his first conviction.

Grieving for the death of a young child had led him down a dark path - and also resulted in the 25-year old drinking heavily.

Daniel said: “Attending Fusion21’s Construction Academy and learning new skills has given me back my self-confidence. I’ve now got the motivation to search for work and get my life back on track, and I’m really grateful.

“I’ve previously had landscaping roles and worked as a fork-lift truck operator, but specialising in a construction trade is a career I’m definitely interested in pursuing. The course gave me something positive to focus on. It turns out I’m really good at plastering – and painting and decorating, so I’m going to put my skills into practice at home too.

“I can’t thank Fusion21 enough – I’ve received a lot of support and also been mentored by the course trainers. I think even working as a counsellor is something I would now be interested in, I’d like to help others, the way that people have helped me.

“It’s been a tough time – but being in prison has given me time to think and I’ve gained a qualification too. I’m still coming to terms with my grief, but looking forward to starting a new chapter with my partner and family.”

Once sentences have been served, ex-offenders like Daniel can gain further assistance from Fusion21’s ‘Through the Gates’ approach – supporting them in achieving other qualifications and finding employment.

Beneficiaries of this initiative are helped to work through an action plan - identifying any additional training requirements, whilst also assessing suitable roles given the conviction/s served.

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