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Fusion21 Sponsors First Ark Community Awards 2016

This month Fusion21 member First Ark has celebrate its Community Awards, which recognises all of the fantastic people, groups and organisations who make a real difference to local First Ark communities.

Fusion21 sponsored this year's 'Entrepreneur of the Year' Award - won by Brooke Baday - who is the Founder of Elite Street Dance Company (ESDC) - a dance group for local children.

In addition to teaching youngsters to dance, Brooke supports and sponsors individuals, and works closely with students to help them realise their full potential.

Dave McGuinness, Social Value Manager at Fusion21 presented ​Brooke with her award and said: "It was a pleasure to meet Brooke who received 40 nominations in her category, and is well loved by her local community.

"Brooke works exceptionally hard to bring children in the local community together - delivering dance classes that promote health, fitness and well being."