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Join Our CPD Event- The Future of Public Sector Solar

The UK is placed as the fourth largest global market for Solar, behind Japan, USA and China, but how will changes to UK government policy impact this position moving forward?

It’s clear that Solar will not go away, but the feasibility of it may prove challenging over the next 18-24 months. We’ve seen deals for commercial roofs coming through for 2016 but how will this play out for the market?

It’s evident that we need policy certainty from the government, but while we wait for that what can we do now?

This seminar will address the current situation of the UK market and highlight opportunities that currently exist for Fusion21 members in terms of funding, feasibility and technology.

Fusion21 members can still benefit from solar PV in 2016, even after the cuts to the Feed-in Tariff.

Find out about the opportunities, and how the right approach can still offer great benefits, including a +10% financial return from certain rooftops.

This CPD event is open to Fusion21 members or public sector organisations only, to book you place click here.