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Fusion21 launches CIPS Knowledge Partnership

Partnership will offer insights and expertise on delivering public sector efficiencies through a framework approach

Fusion21 has partnered with The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) to offer both CIPS and Fusion21 members valuable insight and knowledge around the delivery of public sector efficiencies and achieving best value.

To date, Fusion21 has delivered £147 million savings through the procurement process and typically saves members up to 30% on market prices. We have also created more than 3,700 jobs and generated more than £63 million in community impact.

Dave Neilson, Chief Executive at Fusion21, said: “Public procurement has huge potential to deliver strong commercial outcomes and efficiencies for tax payers, whilst also creating wider impact through spend activity.

“Following winning a 2016 CIPS Supply Management Award for ‘Best Contribution to the Reputation of Procurement’, we are really proud to launch our Knowledge Partnership with CIPS – and look forward to sharing our expertise and helping to build knowledge and capability across the CIPS procurement community and amongst Fusion21 members.”

Andrew Coulcher, Director of Knowledge and Membership at CIPS, said: “Our knowledge partnerships play a crucial role in supporting our members with the knowledge and insight they need to do the day job and develop strategies for the future.

“Looking to the year ahead, these resources are timely and necessary to support the efficiencies the public sector needs to develop in these challenging times and we’re delighted that such high value materials are available from Fusion21.”

Want to read Fusion21’s CIPS Knowledge Partnership content? Click here to read frequently uploaded resources designed to help you and your organisation tackle the barriers and challenges faced within public procurement – in addition to preparing for and managing risk.

We're also sharing content on our website too - click here to access.