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Supporting you to help residents stay warm this winter

Keith Rodgers Blog: Keith Rodgers

Winter can be a tough time for residents in communities across the UK especially the more vulnerable, and forecasters say this December will be the coldest in seven years with temperatures plummeting as low as minus 12ºC in some parts of the country.

For our members that provide shelter and accommodation, check out our top tips on how to help your residents stay warm this winter.

Ensure residents know how to use their heating controls properly

Many residents could save money and stay warmer just by thinking about how they use their existing heating. For example:

-          Radiators take time to heat up and cool down so central heating timers can be set to turn on and off 15 minutes before they're needed;

-          Many heating systems have thermostatic radiator valves so residents can set the radiator temperature they need;

-          Heating can be turned off and doors closed in rooms that are not being used.

Simple advice all residents can follow to save energy and stay comfortable

-          Running hot water slowly will allow it to heat more quickly in winter;

-          If possible, fit carpets and thickly lined curtains. They stop heat escaping and help avoid condensation;

-          Don't leave kettles and pans boiling without lids as they'll take much longer to heat;

-          Avoid drying damp clothing on radiators as this reduces the heat. Use a clothes horse instead and open the window slightly;

-          Don't use bottled gas or paraffin heaters as they produce lots of moisture. If using portable heaters, make sure they're approved for indoor use;

-          Use extractor fans in kitchens and bathrooms to prevent excess condensation. Opening the window slightly will also help clear excess moisture.

Simple ways to stay warmer in winter without spending money:

-          Take regular hot drinks and at least one hot meal a day if possible. Eating regularly helps keep energy levels up during winter;

-          Wear several light layers of warm clothes rather than one heavy layer;

-          Keep as active as possible;

-          Close curtains as soon as it starts to go dark;

-          Cover yourself with a blanket or quilt when relaxing at home.

There are a number of ways to stay warm in winter without spending a lot of money. For more advice check out our video.

Our Servicing, maintenance and installation of heating systems framework 

Fusion21 has a framework for servicing, maintenance and installation of heating systems, managed by Gas Safe registered managers who have extensive knowledge of client and supply partner roles.

Designed to offer statutory compliance, this framework will help to keep your buildings and residents safe through the service, maintenance and planned installation of domestic and commercial heating systems. It achieves consistently high KPIs from all domestic service and maintenance contracts with the average LGSR compliance rate being 99.8% while over half the contracts are 100% compliant.

Click here for more information and to find out how we can help you to keep your residents warmer.