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The benefits of working with SMEs

Mark Chadwick Blog: Mark Chadwick

At Fusion21, our procurement frameworks are designed to bring genuine, cashable cost efficiencies to your public sector work programmes without compromising the level of choice and compliance we know you count on. Our members have access to a wide range of construction, property and built environment frameworks and we only work with suppliers – including SMEs – who meet our high standards in price and quality.

As a social enterprise ourselves, we’re committed to supporting other SME’s to thrive as part of our wider supply chain. In the last 12 months we’ve appointed 84% of SMEs to our frameworks - this exceeds the Government’s target to ensure 33% of procurement spend reaches SMEs by 2020.

So what are the benefits of working with SMEs?

• Working with SMEs helps our members to support sustainability through spend activity and social value. SMEs have a greater understanding of local social issues and their knowledge can be used to help improve the local economy and benefit the community;

• SMEs typically have lower administrative and management costs allowing them to be more flexible and provide better value for money;

• SMEs help promote supply chains by linking and working with other SMEs over the contract works.

How does Fusion21 support and work with SMEs?

Lotting strategies

We create lotting strategies that open doors for SMEs. This approach makes our frameworks even more effective for SME delivery as it widens the market and increases value for money outcomes through increased competition.

Streamlined documentation

The bureaucracy involved in procurement can seem daunting to SMEs. We streamline the documentation involved to make market engagement much more accessible.

Social value

At Fusion21, social value is an important part of our tender evaluation and this approach ensures that SME’s stand a better chance of winning work through the procurement process.

Market engagement

We engage with the relevant markets early in the tendering process. This not only allows SMEs to understand future requirements, but helps them form valuable relationships and partnerships with other SMEs. Early engagement also gives us an accurate indication of how contracts should be shaped to be as effective as possible.

Want to find out more?

If you would like more information on how your organisation can work effectively with SMEs, contact us on 0845 308 2341 or email info@fusion21.co.uk