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Tips and advice on how to help your tenants save energy this winter

Peter Francis Blog: Peter Francis

When it comes to energy spending, winter is the most expensive time of the year and with forecasters predicting that this year’s festive season will be colder than usual it’s even more important to save energy – and money – wherever possible.

During winter, housing associations and local authorities often give residents advice on how to stay warm, save energy and save money. We’ve summarised a few simple steps all residents can take to keep costs down this Christmas.

Simple advice for your residents this winter

-  Encourage residents to shop around for a better energy deal. There are a number of comparison websites that allow people to quickly find prices and change supplier. You can also encourage residents to contact you for help and advice;

-  If residents are in financial difficulty or struggling to pay their bills, encourage them to contact their local Citizens’ Advice Bureau;

- Close curtains to keep the heat in;

- Drying clothes on radiators traps the heat and stops it circulating so use a clothes horse instead;

- Wear several light layers of warm clothes rather than one heavy layer;

- Turning the thermostat down by even one degree could save up to 10% on energy bills;

- Keeping electrical items on stand-by mode can add an extra 8% to bills so turn off appliances when not in use and don’t leave phones or devices on charge longer than necessary;

- When making hot drinks only boil as much water as you’re going to use;

- When washing clothes always fill the machine. One full load is more energy efficient than two half loads and if you turn the temperature down to 30º rather than 40º, you’ll save 40% more energy;

- Electric cookers use three times more energy than microwaves, so microwave your meals if possible;

- Make sure lids are on pots and kettles. The contents will heat up much more quickly;

- Don’t leave lights on in rooms that aren’t being used and if timers are fitted, use them when you can. 

There are more tips on how to stay warm and save energy in our video.

Members can find more information on how to support energy efficiency improvements on domestic or commercial properties by reviewing our Retrofit framework. You can also use this in conjunction with our Retrofit Materials Supply framework to benefit from even greater savings.