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What does the Clean Growth Strategy mean for you?

Sarah Rothwell Blog: Sarah Rothwell

The Government’s new Clean Growth Strategy has acknowledged that a prosperous economy and tackling climate change are interlinked. In short, the strategy aims to grow our national income while greatly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The UK is already a world leader in reducing emissions while growing the economy. The Clean Growth Strategy seeks to build on this success by improving the energy efficiency of our homes and businesses.

At Fusion21, we always keep our members fully informed about any initiative that might affect them, this strategy definitely will. It marks an important step forward in outlining the future of energy delivery in the buildings we work and live in.

What are the key points of the Clean Growth Strategy that will affect you?

Currently, homes account for 13% of all UK emissions. The new initiative aims to improve energy efficiency in homes by:

  • supporting approximately £3.6 billion of investment to upgrade around one million homes
  • encouraging all homes to be upgraded to Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Band C by 2030
  • futureproofing new homes for low carbon heating and improving energy performance standards for new and existing homes over the same period
  • offering all households the means to save energy by installing smart meters by 2020

The strategy also intends to roll out low carbon heating over the next 5-10 years by implementing the following measures:

  • Build and extend heat networks throughout the UK aided by public funding allocated in the 2015 Spending Review
  • Phase out high carbon fossil fuel heating in new and existing homes
  • Improve standards on the 1.2 million boilers installed every year in England and implement compulsory installation of control devices to help people save energy
  • Invest £4.5 million to: to support low carbon heat technologies in homes and businesses by 2021 o reform the Renewable Heat Incentive
  • Launch two new £10 million innovation programmes as part of an overall £184 million investment of public funds to develop new energy efficient heating technologies that will enable lower cost low carbon homes

What next?

The Clean Growth Strategy will bring about some significant changes in the way your organisation thinks about the heating measures installed in the buildings you manage.

The proposals of the strategy are ambitious but at present lack concrete suggestions in many areas, however what is clear is that now is the time to deliver.

It is beyond doubt time to start thinking about your organisations future. Planned work programmes may change as a result of this strategy and retrofitting of properties will be a key part of future investments.Fusion21 are perfectly placed to help our members implement the changes and measures required as part of this challenging long-term strategy.

If you’d like to discuss how we can help you consider the impact of the Clean Growth Strategy on your organisation get in touch.