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Are you ready for Brexit?

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Are you ready for Brexit?

Join Fusion21 at our free event and find out how your organisation can prepare.

With just over a year before the UK leaves the EU, there has not yet been any announcement regarding a review of public procurement legislation following Brexit.

While it’s currently a case of business as usual, it’s important that Fusion21 members remain aware of the risks faced by the procurement sector.

Risks posed by Brexit

Long-term impact on public procurement and cost management caused by:

  • Significant fluctuations in exchange rates
  • Increased supplier prices
  • Potential worsening of the skills shortage in the Construction industry

Fusion21 – helping you prepare

To help manage the potential risks posed by Brexit, Fusion21 members can utilise our existing OJEU compliant frameworks as a route to market.

Our frameworks effectively manage supplier relationships and offer support in terms of providing:

  • Cost certainty
  • Cost avoidance
  • Efficiency savings against significant price fluctuations

Free Public Procurement Event – 6th March 2018

Fusion21 is running a free London-based event  on 6th March in partnership with the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS). The event, titled How to Maximise Value for Money During Economic Uncertainty is aimed at Fusion21 members and those working in public procurement.

The half-day session will cover how to prepare for the uncertainty of life after the EU and help members understand the wider impact of Brexit and the risk it poses to public procurement.

Our expert keynote speakers will inform practitioners how to maximise outcomes from public procurement exercises and achieve increased value for money via a framework approach. Topics covered include:

  • Securing cost certainty, cost avoidance and efficiency savings
  • The challenges of keeping materials and labour costs down
  • Evaluating the wider impact of spend decisions
  • Social value generation
  • Advantages and outcomes of effective supply relationship management
  • The benefits of managing contractor performance
  • Monitoring the financial stability of your supply chain

Worth 5 CPD hours, delegates will also tackle a thought-provoking roundtable discussion, with findings to be summarised and made available within a whitepaper post event.

To book your place for this free event or to request further information, contact Faye Foster by emailing or call  0151 481 3047.

Fusion21 is a proud CIPS Knowledge Partner. We regularly share our procurement expertise on the topic of delivering public sector efficiencies. Click here to access our Knowledge Partnership content and check out a variety of articles, tips, guidance and resources that will help you to tackle the barriers and challenges frequently faced within public procurement.