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  • Fusion21 Foundation Supports Innovative New Fundraising Project in Wigan and Leigh.
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Fusion21 Foundation Supports Innovative New Fundraising Project in Wigan and Leigh.

The Fusion21 Foundation has donated £10,000 to a new innovative fundraising campaign, Real Change, to help rough sleepers build independent lives away from the streets.

The campaign raises money for practical items which help people who are homeless, with things like a deposit for a home, enrolment on a training course or buying new clothes for a job interview.

Real Change Wigan and Leigh is a partnership between charities and voluntary groups in the area including Riverside, The Brick, Jigsaw Housing, Your Housing Group, Helping the Homeless, and Wigan Council.

Paul Booth, Social Investment Manager at Fusion21 said: “We wanted to support a cause which can have an immediate impact to help people who are homeless, but also be assured that our donation goes to the people who need it.

“The way Real Change is set up through partners is a really effective way to give because there are assurances that your donation gets to where it’s needed, when it is needed.”

Jenny Morris, Chair of the Real Change campaign and Riverside Area Manager for Wigan and Leigh, added: “The two questions people ask when they see homelessness on the rise is ‘what is being done about this’ and ‘how can I help’? The fund provides an effective way for people to create real change for people who are homeless, and the partnership works by everyone pitching in together.

“The fund was also set up to help the hidden homeless such as people that are sofa-surfing, or going from place to place not knowing where they might be able to sleep that night. With increasing public interest in homelessness, Real Change aims to give people in the borough a way to help directly.”

The Campaign forms an important part of the borough’s response to homelessness.

Councillor Terry Halliwell, cabinet member for housing and welfare at Wigan Council, said: “We’ve shown a consistent increase in the number of potential homeless cases prevented over the years and are doing lots of work across the borough with our partners through The Deal to continue to prevent homelessness and rough sleeping.

“We know residents want to do their bit to help people who are homeless too and this is a great way to get involved because your donations will go to practical items that will help someone in need.” 

If you would like to get involved in this project, either by donating, volunteering or sharing your skills then please click here.