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Meeting the growing demands for secondary school places

Sarah Rothwell Blog: Sarah Rothwell

Figures released by the Department of Education project there will be over half a million more children entering secondary education by 2026. Rising birth rates are fuelling the 20% increase and will require the Government to build around 267 new schools to meet demand.

Analysis of the figures combined with Local Government Association pupil forecasts predict that by 2022/23 up to 125,000 children could face the prospect of missing out on secondary education if the rise in numbers is not addressed.

Supporting growing student numbers using modular building

The use of modular building can help provide effective solutions to the problems faced by rising demand for classrooms. Fusion21’s national Education and Modular Building Framework offers a flexible solution for education providers and local authorities who require safe learning spaces and a faster turnaround.

Run by technical experts and featuring only pre-qualified, accredited supply partners, the framework is designed to support the delivery of quality permanent and temporary modular buildings and consists of four lots:

Lot 1: Hire of Modular Building – Temporary Accommodation

Lot 2: Modular construction up to £750k value

Lot 3: Modular construction from £750k to £3m

Lot 4: Modular construction worth £3m and over

Lots 3 and 4 offer a single supply partner for even greater efficiency gains.

Benefits of modular build

  • Modular buildings are compliant with all building regulations and present lower carbon emissions than traditional builds
  • Modular builds have reduced labour and on-site costs as well as a faster turnaround compared to traditional methods; ideal when classrooms are urgently required

Features and Benefits of Fusion21's Education and Modular Buildings Framework 

  • Greater efficiency gains when using a single supply partner
  • Provides modular buildings from inception and design through to delivery and handover
  • Flexible design solutions offer a variety of external finishes to blend with existing structures
  • Generates increased efficiencies and greater cost certainty
  • Appointed suppliers are required to engage with the local supply chain (SMEs), creating social impact within local communities
  • Regionally appointed supply chain for Lots 1 and 2, while Lot 2 supports the delivery of both standard singular and double modular classrooms as well as advanced solutions that are closer to permanent structures.

Find out how Fusion21’s Education and Modular Building’s Framework can help you

Click here  for more information about Fusion21’s Education and Modular Building’s Framework or call John Farley, Framework Manager (Retrofit & Education) on 0845 308 2321 to see how we can help you.