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New Solar Installations at Fusion21 Head Office

We’ve gone even greener at Fusion21, after having installed a new rooftop Solar Photovoltaic system at our headquarters in Prescot, Merseyside.

 Check out these top facts:

  • The amount of electricity generated will vary based on the time of the year and amount of sun we receive, with the maximum instantaneous generation just under 30 kW’s (25 kWp);
  • A total of 109 solar panels have been fitted;
  • The solar panels generate direct current electricity which is converted to mains electricity;
  • The renewable energy we produce will reduce our electricity bills for the next 20 years;
  • We’ll be displaying how much energy we have produced and how much CO we have saved on a monitor in our reception area.

Fusion21 accessed our own Framework suppliers to undertake the works following a competitive tender process. 

Energy efficiency is continuing to be an issue at the forefront of our members works programmes. At a time when energy costs are rising it is now more important that ever to be able to demonstrate improvements to mitigate costs and contribute to the wider CO2 agenda.

Our next Retrofit projects using our own framework will be to install LED lighting within our head office.

Other recent green initiatives at Fusion21 include the installation of two Electric Vehicle Charge points for both staff and visitors to use. 

For more information on our Retrofit Services please click here