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University of Swansea’s Active Office Reaches Completion

Following calling off our Education and Modular Building Framework, Fusion21 member the University of Swansea is now enjoying the completion of the UK’s first energy positive Active Office, which generates, stores and releases its own energy.

Worth £850k, the project – designed by Specific and commissioned by Wernick Modular Buildings Ltd  – has been completed on the Swansea Bay Campus and will provide an office building constructed using cutting edge off-site manufacturing techniques.

A total of 12 modules were deliv­ered to site to complete the build and carefully craned into position in just three days!

Integrating solar thermal and solar photovoltaic technology with battery storage, the new structure will be linked to the Active Classroom – an existing space which provides teaching and a laboratory facility for Swansea University students, as well as an Innovation and Knowledge Centre for Specific and its industry partners.

The two Active Buildings will share energy with each other and electric vehicles, which demonstrates how SPECIFIC’s ‘Active Buildings’ approach can be applied in an energy-resilient solar-powered community.

Ian Cambell, Executive Chair of Innovate UK - the UK’s innovation agency -said: “It’s difficult to overstate the potential of developing a building that powers itself. The concept could genuinely revolutionise not only the construction sector but completely change how we create and use energy, so the opening of the Active Office in Swansea is an exciting step forward.

Developing technologies like those demonstrated in the SPECIFIC Active Office can play a strong role in the Government’s modern industrial strategy to create ‘clean growth’ and fulfil our mission to halve the emissions of new buildings by 2030.”

John Farley, Framework Manager at Fusion21 (Retrofit and Education) said: “We’re delighted that as a result of accessing our Education and Modular Buildings framework, The University of Swansea will benefit from a sustainable modular solution through a collaborative partnership with Wernick Modular Buildings from inception to delivery.

“The new structure will generate more energy than it uses and with a short turnaround period, and up to 40 staff members will benefit from utilising their new facility.”

Stuart Wilkie, Managing Director at Wernick added: “We’re very proud to be involved in the Active Office project, which we hope will serve as a demonstration of the potential of modular construction as well as the technology used in the building.

Thanks to excellent working relationships across the project, we’ve not just delivered the UK’s first energy positive office, but an architecturally designed, high performance building that met a challenging timescale and on budget.”

Did you know?

  • Eight month build time
  • 93 building integrated PV modules (22kWp)
  • 1st commercial installation of Virtu PVT Tubes
  • 18wireless access points for smart building sensors
  • electric vehiclecharging points
  • 2000Lthermal storeStores enough energy for next day space heating = timeshift of electrical demand
  • Estimated spareannual generation ≈ 8.5MWh – this equates to driving 1.4times around the world in a Nissan Leaf

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