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Blog: Top Tips on how to Support Communities During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Rachael Atkin Blog: Rachael Atkin

We spoke to our CSR Manger, Rachael Atkin who has shared her top tips on how to support communities during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Top tips for volunteering, fundraising or donating during this difficult time:

  • Register now if you plan to volunteer - the organisations working to register and organise volunteers tend to be under resourced, some have a backlog to get through volunteer applications and therefore there is a wait of a few weeks;
  • Speak to our members to see if they have schemes of work in place that you could support;
  • Look locally where you can. Council's for Voluntary Services (CVSs) are organisations that support local networks of charities as well as organising their own volunteering and can direct you to local opportunities. To find a CVS in your local area, their membership organisation NAVCA has a search tool on its website;
  • Find out what local authorities are doing, look for local Covid-19 mutual aid groups or contact your nearest volunteers centre;
  • Consider the full range of opportunities – could you help a local charity to survive by supporting their organisational management? Could you do online careers support or mentoring? Speak to your local CVS to find out what’s needed in your community;
  • Record your activities as you go, so it will be easier to report to key stakeholders. Some organisations are offering a free volunteering tracking platform during Covid-19;
  • Gather evidence of activity such as staff volunteering, for example quotes, pictures, case studies where appropriate;
  • Make sure you have permission to do this! 
  • Share your ideas with others where you can;
  • Get in touch if you would like to discuss anything with us at info@fusion21.co.uk