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Fusion21 Foundation Funding has helped many families at The Tunza Centre

Thanks to funding from the Fusion21 Foundation, a Sensory Play area in St Helens was opened in September 2019 at the Tunza Centre - a social centre and social enterprise supporting the community.

The play space is designed for children with specific sensory impairments such as ADHD and Autism who may not cope in a mainstream play setting.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and with many of their users in the vulnerable category, The Tunza Centre, is currently closed. However, that’s not stopped the centre reaching out to their support base and the wider community to communicate and help many people who require support during these testing times.

Examples of this work include: setting up a community channel on YouTube; running weekly live bingo evenings and several family quiz nights.  The Tunza Centre have also teamed up with The St Helens Food Bank at The Hope Centre, volunteered to deliver food parcels as part of a local food distribution service and donated several gifts, vouchers and items and have organised two online raffles which have raised £1,200 .

By keeping active during this lockdown period, The Tunza Centre have managed to maintain a service level in the community and have raised the profile of their charity and The Tunza Centre.

During June, they have organised a deep clean in readiness for an opening hopefully in July once further clarity and information is announced by the Government.

Let’s hear from Emily and why she can’t wait to be back at the centre:

“Since joining The Sensory Room at the Tunza Centre back in November it has massively impacted both me & my son. We met some lovely friends from Tunza & the families who also came to the sessions. I always say it’s one of the hardest places to take a picture as the children never stop!

There is so much to do with all the lights, activities & ball pool – the children never stop running around having great fun.

It was Albie’s favourite day out and he looked forward to going every week. It made a massive impact to his motor & sensory skills and I have seen a massive improvement within him.

Personally, I benefited from meeting other parents and have developed new friendships with people I never would have met had I not started attending the sensory sessions at Tunza.

This has definitely helped me with my anxiety issues – I felt happy when I was there also knowing Albie is in a happy place. We are really looking forward to the day we will be able to return. Albie can’t wait for ‘yummy toast from Ian Tunza’.