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Fusion21 Supports CIH as it Launches ‘Future for Assets and Repairs’ campaign

The Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) has launched a campaign over the sector-wide future for assets and repairs – billed as a 2020 vision to challenge traditional approaches.

Fusion21 is proud to be involved in leading the campaign group, working alongside a selected group of senior asset and repairs professionals.

The group collectively aims to:
• Disrupt conventional thinking and approaches;
• Drive thought leadership in asset and repairs management;
• Deliver “new, fresh thinking, and clear messages” on repairs and maintenance for CIH members and the wider housing sector;
• Bring “insight, energy, and focus on this critical area of activity.”

Recent data shows overall spend on repairs and maintenance has increased by 6.8%, including capitalised costs and the campaign group hopes to ensure repairs and maintenance becomes an integral part of asset management, with a set of shared aims, objectives, measurement and monitoring criteria.

During the next 18 months we’ll be supporting the CIH campaign group to raise awareness of the following five areas within the housing the sector:

• A need to rethink traditional delivery models, moving away from those primarily led by simple tenant demand for reactive repairs and by the predicted lifecycle of components for planned maintenance, as these no longer match the value and economy thresholds now expected;
• A paradigm shift in the approach to repairs and asset management that disrupts established delivery models;
• A move on from traditional definitions and distinctions that restrict innovation;
• Rebuilding resident trust and confidence of tenants – demonstrating our commitment and ability to keep tenants safe at all times through sound specification and execution of works;
• Ensuring spend on repairs and maintenance is relevant and a proper contribution to sustaining the housing assets.

Peter Francis, Director of Operations at Fusion21 said: “As a procurement organisation and social enterprise that has a wealth of expertise in the built environment – and with a large established membership base within the housing sector – we’re delighted to be part of the CIH’s campaign group, offering our support, expertise and views in relation to the sector-wide future for assets and repairs.”