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Fusion21 Supports Residents to “Go! Social”

Fusion21 has awarded Thistle Housing Association £30,000 to support its proposed “Go! Social” project over 12 months.

Launched in January 2019, the project will provide a programme of social activities for all members of the community to enjoy – and will also finance a community café, youth afterschool club, toddler and carer group plus multiple exercise classes. 

The project which has been commissioned following resident feedback aims to reduce isolation, increase social inclusion and improve levels of overall health for everyone in Toryglen on Glasgow's South side.

Mark Chadwick, Director of Business Services at Fusion21 said: "Fusion21 is committed to making a real impact in the local communities of our members. We're delighted to be supporting and funding the "Go Social" project, which will positively contribute to the wellbeing of both residents and community members of all ages."

Carly Monaghan, THA Community Development Officer added “One of the Associations priorities is to deliver positive reactive results for our community based on the outcomes of the consultation.  The “Go! Social” project is an initial opportunity for everyone to engage locally, build stronger relationships with their neighbours and aim towards an overall healthier community.  I am hopeful this project will grow beyond a platform and become a springboard for the Community to flourish in many other areas.”