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Procuring Fire Safety Measures Correctly Saves Lives

At Fusion21, we understand that fire safety compliance is a top priority and that’s why we provide access to the most comprehensive services on the market.

You can benefit from:

  • Fire compartmentation, fire doors, fire resistant glazing and signage;
  • Fire alarm systems, emergency lighting, automatic opening vents, dry risers, wet risers, and fire extinguishers;
  • Self-testing emergency lights providing real-time compliance;
  • Fire fighting passenger lift specification, design and installation;
  • Sprinkler and water mist systems - from design stage to supply, installation and maintenance;
  • Fire risk assessments (FRAs) completed by supply partners featured on a register recommended by the Fire Risk Assessment Competency Council. Plus, the individuals who carry out the FRAs hold appropriate accreditation;
  • Fire safety consultancy services.

For more information on Fusion21’s Compliance and Facilities Management Framework click here and to access information on our dynamic purchasing system for Fire Suppression Systems and Associated Works DPS click here.

Or get in touch by calling 0845 308 2321 or email: info@fusion21.co.uk