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Procuring Specialist Contracts: Putting Safety and Quality First

Sarah Rothwell, Head of Member Engagement Blog: Sarah Rothwell, Head of Member Engagement

We’ve seen stories recently of unregistered fire risk assessors being used by organisations to check if buildings are safe.

Whilst this isn’t against the law, guidance from the Fire Risk Assessment Competency Council advises building owners to use fire risk assessors listed on one of eight registers run by third-party bodies.

Compliance is a key consideration for organisations and is a procurement priority for many of our members.

We have a whole team dedicated to delivering Compliance related contracts across the country and we’re currently supporting our members with hundreds of projects.

At Fusion21, our technical specialists provide both procurement guidance and specialist support; particularly when it comes to crucial services such as fire safety related services and works.

Procurement and asset teams are often expected to be masters of all trades but in instances where contracts may come under particular scrutiny such as health and safety - we would always advise organisations to seek external support if needed.

Aggregated procurement enables us to provide specialist support in particular areas and that’s why all of the supply partners appointed to our Fire Risk Assessment lot on our Compliance and Facilities Management framework hold either BAFE Life Safety Fire Assessment SP205 Company Scheme Certification; IFC Certification (IFCC0099) or Warrington Fire FRACS Company Scheme.

What’s more, individuals who carry out the fire risk assessment through our members contracts also hold personal certification from one of the following bodies: Fire Industry Association Member; Association for Specialist Fire Protection Member; Fire Protection Association Member; The Institute of Fire Safety Managers or The Institute of Fire Prevention Officers Member.

Our Compliance framework also offers specialised lots for passive safety (e.g. fire doors, compartmentation, signage etc) and active fire safety (e.g. fire detection, automatic opening vents etc), and we have a national dynamic purchasing system (DPS) for Fire Suppression Systems and Associated Works.

No matter what the building type – from high-rise residential blocks to low-rise dwellings or commercial properties of any scale – our approach aims to provide Fusion21 members with peace of mind.

Putting the right fire safety measures and services in place saves lives and so it’s imperative that these contracts are procured correctly and to the highest standards. This approach not only reduces risk but provides assurances that suppliers possess the right qualifications to provide an audited and competent service.

Click here to read a case study about how Fusion21 member The Abbeyfield Society has accessed our Fire Risk Assessments lot and awarded a three-year contract to provide fire risk assessments for its residential and commercial buildings.

For more information on Fusion21’s Compliance and Facilities Management Framework click here and to access information on our dynamic purchasing system for Fire Suppression Systems and Associated Works DPS click here.

Or get in touch by calling 0845 308 2321 or email: info@fusion21.co.uk