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Water Hygiene Compliance: Mitigating the Risk of Legionella

Phil Woodhead Blog: Phil Woodhead

The compliance of buildings is a key consideration for organisations and is a procurement priority for many Fusion21 members.

From public buildings including hospitals and recreational facilities; to learning spaces, offices and housing stock – all property owners have a legal responsibility to keep the public and your buildings safe.

At Fusion21 we have a whole team of technical procurement experts dedicated to delivering compliance related contracts across the country. We’re here to provide you with peace of mind in the long-term, ensuring that you have adequate contracts in place.

Working with us you’ll also benefit from aggregated procurement, gaining access to specialist support in areas such as water hygiene management, fire safety services or asbestos surveying and removal.

Water hygiene mismanagement

The mismanagement of water hygiene is no stranger to news headlines, with poor maintenance of water systems creating conditions for legionella to thrive.

This serious disease can be fatal but it can be prevented by ensuring hot and cold water systems are properly maintained in buildings old and new.

Reports of organisations being found in breach of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 has included an NHS Foundation Trust which was fined £300,000 plus damages for the death of a patient from Legionnaires’ disease, after failing to control the risk to patients. Following an investigation launched by the Health and Safety Executive, it concluded the necessary precautions had not been put in place to reduce patient risk. 

In another example, health boards across Scotland have this year been ordered to carry out urgent tests on hospital water supplies after widespread contamination was discovered at two recently built hospitals. A total of 23 cases of blood stream infection was found in patients across the two sites and now every Scottish health board is testing the water at hospitals built since 2013.

How we can help

Our Compliance and Facilities Management framework offers specialised lots for legionella consultancy and legionella monitoring and control; covering risk assessments, water management plans plus monitoring, testing, and temperature management services. Our offers also supports remedial works such as the cleaning of water systems; tank replacement and appropriate water hygiene training.

Held to the highest cost and quality standards, we have experienced, pre-qualified and accredited suppliers offering these services nationally - and they are suitable for any public sector organisation to use.

When it comes to correct water hygiene management; this can’t be left to chance. Procuring these services correctly mitigates common contracting risks; saves lives, protects public health and provides assurance of statutory compliance.

For more information on Fusion21’s Compliance and Facilities Management Framework click here.

Or get in touch by calling 0845 308 2321 or email: info@fusion21.co.uk