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Fusion21 Announces £880m Building Safety & Compliance Framework

We have announced the launch of our national Building Safety & Compliance Framework – worth up to £880m over a four-year period - and we are now inviting bids from interested suppliers.

The updated framework has been designed and positioned to meet emerging requirements particularly in relation to fire safety and the building a safer future agenda. Once awarded it will be open for a wide range of public sector organisations to use including housing, local authorities, blue light, central government, education and health.

Opportunities are available for both large organisations and SME’s. The framework has introduced three, completely new lots including; Lot 5 – Fire Safety Surveying, Engineering & Consultancy (Multi- Disciplinary), Lot 7 Fire Safety Inspections and Lot 14 – Local Exhaust Ventilation and will allow interested suppliers to bid for lots specific to their capability. The full, new 14 lot structure includes:

Lot 1 – Asbestos Surveying & Consultancy

Lot 2 – Asbestos Abatement & Removal

Lot 3 – Legionella & Water Hygiene Consultancy

Lot 4 – Legionella Monitoring & Control

Lot 5 - Fire Safety Surveying, Engineering & Consultancy (Multi- Disciplinary)

Lot 6 – Fire Risk Assessments

Lot 7 – Fire Safety Inspections

Lot 8 - Passive Fire Protection - Fire Doors

Lot 9 - Passive Fire Protection - Fire Stopping

Lot 10 – Active Fire Safety

Lot 11 – Electrical Testing & Electrical Works

Lot 12 – Electronic Security

Lot 13 – Warden Call & Tele-health

Lot 14 – Local Exhaust Ventilation

Providing geographical coverage across the UK, suppliers can bid for the lots suited to their delivery model and areas of technical expertise. The framework includes flexible call-off processes with options for both Direct Awards and Further Competitions.

Peter Francis, Director of Operations at Fusion21 said: “Set for launch in April 2021 this framework has been developed in response to market demand – reflecting feedback provided from both our members and the supply chain. It builds on an existing framework and marks the next stage in developing Fusion21’s building safety and compliance offer which has grown from strength to strength over recent years.

“Fusion21 is an established framework provider that is well respected throughout the public sector. Our procurement teams are experienced technical experts in their fields who understand the needs of suppliers when tendering. One contributor to our success is how we work for the mutual benefit of both our Suppliers and Members.

“We welcome applications from interested organisations that meet the criteria set out in the tender documentation now available on the Delta e-Sourcing Portal via the following link – https://www.delta-esourcing.com/tenders/UK-UK-Prescot:-Building-services./6UBJ9B62NH”.

The submission deadline is Thursday 28th January 2021 at 12 noon.