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Green Paper: Transforming Public Procurement - Have your say!

Just before Christmas the Cabinet Office released its consultation paper setting out the potential changes to transform public procurement in the UK. The changes are set out across 8 key areas with the intent of cutting red tape, increasing flexibility and providing more opportunities to UK based businesses.

Fusion21 will be responding to the Cabinet Office as part of the consultation process and we want to ensure our members and suppliers have an opportunity to contribute to this process to help shape our final response, we would therefore be grateful if you could take 10 minutes to respond to this survey as your views are extremely important to us.

We have provided an introduction of the key changes to each chapter and are seeking to understand whether you agree, or disagree, with the proposed changes and the reasons for that.

We will share a copy of our consultation response with you as part of your contribution to the process.

The deadline for completing the survey is Monday 15th February.

Complete the surveys

Members: If you’re a Fusion21 member or a prospective member click here to take the survey

Suppliers: If you’re a supplier we’d like to hear from you too. Click here to complete the survey.