Contractors Appointed to Fusion21’s £70 Million Lift Framework

Fusion21 has announced the contractors successfully appointed to its national Lifts framework – worth up to £70 million over a four year period.

A total of 26 firms have secured a place on the framework, which has been tailored to specific UK regions.

Covering servicing, testing, installation and refurbishment work on passenger, goods and domestic lifts (including stair lifts; step lifts; platform lifts; and hoists), the framework offers five lots including: Passenger / Goods Lifts Servicing and Maintenance (Client Managed); Passenger / Goods Lifts Servicing and Maintenance (Collectively Managed); Passenger / Goods Lifts Installation, Refurbishment and Upgrading; Domestic Lifts – Installation and Servicing; and Lifts Consultancy.

Having a dedicated ‘Collectively Managed’ lot will hugely benefit customers with a smaller number of lifts – ensuring average efficiency savings of 31% are achieved, based on market rates.

Nick Verburg, Procurement Manager at Fusion21, said: “Our Lifts framework provides Fusion21 members with a compliant procurement solution, which will maximise value for money – in addition to generating greater efficiencies.

“Designed to meet individual member requirements, the framework offers flexible delivery options – from national lift contractors as well as local SME’s.”

Below lists the successful contractors appointed to Fusion21’s Lifts framework:

Allied Lifts


Classic Lifts


Knowsley Lift Services




RJ Lift Services


Stonewood Lift Consultants


Versatile Lift Company


Ascendant Lifts



Cundall LLP




Pickerings Lifts


Rubax Lifts


Temple Lifts


Vertical Transport Specialists


Butler and Young Lift Consultants


Dunbar and Boardman Partnership




PIP Lift Services


Schindler Lifts


Thyssenkrupp Encasa



Calfordseaden LLP


Elevate Consulting Limited


Liftec Lifts


Prism UK Medical


Stannah Lifts


Total Lift Care